Saturday, October 01, 2005

Young women turning to full-time motherhood, Or eeks there goes fifty years of feminism

My fellow blogger writes:

"...these women could have careers (as much as Title VII will protect from bumps on the career path), but they're choosing motherhood...".

This is a serious bias against motherhood which I find disturbing. Why is motherhood set versus having a career.

The 1950's are criticized because gender roles were clearly identified with little room for movement. Women were returned to the home after their foray into the working world of WWII Rosie the rivitor when the men returned from war and needed the jobs.

The 60's counter culture railed against this pidgeon-holing of women and feminism emerged once again. Women could do it all, was the theme. Wonderful! Except doing it all can be exhausting. Perhaps these young women are making a choice to do both options-have a career and have children, but not at the same time.

Feminism is about choice for women. Does motherhood have such low value in our culture as to be distained. That is a sad commentary. Becoming a mother is a powerful act by a women's body. Being a mother is challenging to the very core emotionally, physically and hopefully intellectually. Successful nuturing of human beings from birth onward is valuable to society but apparently not as valuable as, say making decisions as a CEO. Perhaps it is devalued because it is not a paid position and any poor, uneducated, unintelligent woman can become a mother.


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