Monday, October 03, 2005

The things our daughters (hopefully) will take for granted

I'd like to wish mothers everywhere a very hapy new year. (I do not necessarily want fathers to have a rotten year, but this is a mothers' blog. The fathers can go and start their own blog).

Today, we take it for granted that a woman could, if she chose to, have a career. She might hit a glass ceiling somewhere (or make it "she probably will hit a glass ceiling somewhere), but until then, she could have a rewarding career. We forget that it was not always so. Here's a story from my friend Melissa whose baby shower I attended last weekend:

It's great to have a place to think about and discuss work and being a mom. I'm proud to be able to show my daughter that I'm a woman who has a career. As a very small child (maybe three years old), I remember thinking how I wished I was a "boy" so I could be a lawyer or doctor. Thank goodness I didn't let my gender stop me! :) I'm glad our daughters are living in a time when it's accepted and in many ways expected that a woman develop her own career.

Having grown up in the Soviet Union, I didn't have the apprehension that I won't have a career because I am a woman (over there, they hate Jews, not women, which is much better). Of course, my adult life is here, and my husband and I spend hours and hours figuring out how I could be a mother to Piper and not have a paper clip counting job.

Such are my thoughts on a bright morning the day before Rosh Hashana.


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