Thursday, October 27, 2005

Finally, a Guy Who is Willing to Tell Women How to Lead Their Sex Lives

It's been so long since men were brave enough to tell women that pursuing sex without marriage will make them unhappy, and that having sex before marriage will make their partner less likely to marry them. Finally, someome stepped up to the plate.


Blogger Jessica said...

I tried to get mad about this, but as I read this guy's comments, I just felt kind of sad. He seems pathetic, completed divorced from the reality of his students' lives. As this Slate article later points out, statistics seem to show that he's just basically in error, mistaken, about his female students' sex lives and about the impact of his students' sexual relationships on the rest of their lives. And his suggestion that women have just lowered ourselves "to the crass level of men, who pursue sex thoughtlessly and without hopes of marriage" - isn't that a sad comment on his view of men?

I know I really should be mad because he is saying this stuff from a position of authority and because people who think like this still run much of the world. It's just not working - I can't help but feel like he's just pathetic. I think maybe I'm too much under the influence of this article I was just reading about men who teach composition, which was talking about the "men's movement" and stuff. Or maybe it's because it's Friday.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

I had the same reaction! I felt kind of sad for this guy. The "loss" he spoke of really seemed to be his own loss of a sense of romance. Interesting that he then chose to blame "easy women" for this loss.

But his ideal is sad too: Men who only marry or commit for sex; women who forego sex to "land" a man. (or maybe he's in the camp of people who think women dislike sex and suffer through the act to show love for their men?)

I'm not sure there's been a loss of romance in the world. I see it all around me. Love and relationships are so unique to from couple to couple...his generalization falls flat.

8:59 AM  

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