Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Toddlers love babies!

Last Sunday, Scott, Piper and I attended a barbeque at a friend's house. Present were many of Scott's collegues and their children. This is an e-mail Scott received from his collegue Rebecca the day after the barbeque. Rebecca's daughter, Kate, is adorable and energetic. I hope Piper displays Kate's maturity when she is Kate's age (a mature two).


My 2-yr-old has never had the slightest interest in baby dolls, but she has one or two that people have given her as gifts. When we got home from Andrea’s party last night, Kate pulled out a doll and told us it was “Baby Piper.” All night Kate kept saying she loves Baby Piper, and Kate took Baby Piper to bed with her. Your daughter made quite an impression on my daughter! I’m glad we got to meet Piper. She’s beautiful!


To answer the obvious question, no, I would not have posted Rebecca's e-mail if Kate said "that Piper is a brat, I hope we do not see her again."


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