Tuesday, September 06, 2005

First day of work - great for mom; horror for dad

My first day at work went great. I started by driving my car over a huge rock and could not get the car off the rock - it was stuck. It would've been a disaster if a neighbor weren't walking by at the exact moment I drove over the afore-mentioned huge rock. He (1) knew what to do (jack up the car and put a ramp under a wheel so I could drive off), and (2) had the right instruments to get my car off the rock.

Then, Scott called me at work to say that Piper was kicked out of daycare because she had thrush. He had to teach that day, so the question is what to do with baby while dad is teaching. Luckily, my boss the judge said that I could have her in chambers while Scott was teaching - now that's a model employer. Also, as a general matter, I can have her with me after 5 pm any time.

Piper did not cooperate much that day. She refused to take the bottle, so Scott had to drive her to the courthouse to nurse. She hadn't eaten in 5 hours, but curiously enough, she was ok and not crying much. That means babies are born manipulators. With me, she barely lasts 2 hours, but when breast milk is nowhere in sight, she's perfectly fine - what a weasel (albeit a cute one).

My first day on the job was hell for Scott (he went from home to daycare to drop off Piper, then to work, then back to daycare to pick her up, then to the doctor, then to the courthouse, then back to daycare, then finally, back to work). My day, on the other hand, went great. Go girlpower!


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