Monday, August 15, 2005

Shopping with Piper

Today, Piper and I went shopping to the outlet mall with my friend Angie. Ok, so shopping doesn't technically count as "work," but I was shopping for clothes for work, so it should fall under the "work" category. Besides, it turns out, that with a 3-month-old, even shopping for clothes is work.

Piper was fine on the trip to the mall, but once we reached the mall, she turned into a proverbial pumpkin. Maybe she hates shopping, or maybe she hated the fact that I was buying clothes for myself and not for her.

I used to love shopping. What happens on a shopping trip with a friend is that you go from store to store sampling the offerings and talk girltalk (translation: girltalk is French for "guess what stupid thing my husband said today"). Then you buy a lot of stuff and leave happy and satisfied, only to wonder three days later, really? that shirt?

Now, shopping was all about keeping Piper happy. Angie and I took turns going into stores while one of us stayed outside with Piper. When either of us needed advice, we'd come close to the glass door (not so close, of course, as to set the theft alarm off), and watch the other one give thumbs up or thumbs down. There was practically no time to complain about our significant others.

I am never shopping again. (Ok, Andrea and I are going shopping tomorrow, but that wouldn't be the dramatic ending this posting deserves, so I am mentioning it parenthetically).


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