Saturday, August 20, 2005

Preparing for work: babysitters and bottles

It's two weeks before I start my job, and Piper starts daycare. Scott and I found a babysitter to pick her up from daycare twice a week, and we started her on the bottle long ago (it was no small victory, trust me). Things were going great and we were oh-so-proud of ourselves for taking care of everything in advance.

You know there will be a snag here, or I wouldn't be blogging about it. We forgot to explain to Piper that we're great parents and that she's supposed to love the babysitter and the bottle. The babysitter - Kate - came yesterday to meet the baby. Kate is a senior in high school, and she is a lovely girl. Piper took one look at Kate and started screaming her lungs out. Her cries were piercing, and Scott and I were horrified. When we took her away from Kate, she'd calm down in a minute, but as soon as Kate took her back, she'd start screaming again. How does she know who's holding her? Who knows?

Eventually, she cried herself to sleep, and the torture - for the moment - was over. Then, this morning we decided to give her a bottle just to make sure she still remembers how to take it. Well, she acted like she'd never seen the bottle before, and even spit out the milk that somehow ended up in her mouth. She did it peacefully, however, with no major outbursts. For the first five minutes, that is. Then, when the bottle wouldn't go away, she started arching her body away from the bottle and, two minutes later, the now-familiar piercing scream came. I ended up breastfeeding her. So much for preparedness.

In conclusion, to paraphrase a famous saying, the baby always wins.


Anonymous Piper "Damn Right, I Win" Moss said...

That's right: I always win. Take your stinking bottle and shove it.

10:13 PM  

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